Do you feel at odds with yourself or the world?


Does your soul need a hug?


How about a SoundHug!


A SoundHug is an intuitive soul chant from the heart. It is a personal sound mantra which you can use in the moment or for as long as you need it to help you raise and support your energy.


How and why does it work?


Everything is energy. Music energy flows as soundwaves which affect each of us individually. Music can soothe our soul, activate our energy or sweep away sadness. You have probably created similar experiences for yourself when you listen to a favorite song or when you select special music for a special occasion.


Because our own voice affects us the most, the effect is much stronger when you sing or chant for yourself. Healing chants sung by another person can also have a strong impact.


Of course this cannot replace medical treatment or medication!


But if you let it find its way into the secret places of your soul, your personal SoundHug can help harmonize those things that feel "out of tune" in your life.


All you have to do is listen with open ears and an open heart and allow yourself to feel what is happening.


How do I create your personal SoundHug?


To create your personal SoundHug, you tell me the theme or topic which you want to work on. It can be anything from dealing with a current emotion like sadness or anger to a more general theme such as improving self-confidence.


Then I tune into your energy and record my voice using what is being channeled to create your personal SoundHug-Chant. Normally the chants last about 3-5 minutes, but this can be different with every Soundhug.


When I have completed your personal SoundHug, I send it to you and you can listen to it as often you like until you feel it has done its work for you.


What do clients experience with their SoundHug?


This is, of course, individual. Here is how clients describe their experience with their SoundHugs:


Sara: "at the very beginning I started to cry and feel all the pain and then the cry changed to a smile of love and connection"


Jennifer: "It just felt amazing. I could feel my vibration rise and felt I was in a golden sphere of comfort. I could have put it on repeat!!!"


Olga: "Barbara introduced me to SoundHugs. A new world opened for me. I had never heard about it and today I have my custom-made SoundHug on the theme I chose: 'abundance'. I hear the love in the SoundHug and it is really an amazing experience. I love the way the SoundHug makes me feel mentally and even physically. It is a new way to take care of myself and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much Barbara to create these great SoundHugs."




Your personal SoundHug:   €55,- 




To get your personal SoundHug contact me here:



Here is an example which was inspired by the healing atmosphere of a wonderful place.

Your personalized SoundHug may be totally different.







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