Welcome to FreeFoní Holistic Voice Coaching!

Hi, I am Barbara Knupper.


My mission is to help you feel and connect you with your voice so that you will trust your voice.


This will help you to connect with yourself and gain self-confidence both in private and business life and will change how you express yourself.


Why can I help you? Because of my own story. Find out more about me...

The name FreeFoní is a fusion of the english word "free" and the greek word "foní" which means voice. It represents the essence of my work: free your voice


If you don't like your voice - I will show you how to love it

If you feel blocked - I will help you dare to open up


Are you interested in learning more about Holistic Voice Coaching and how to work with me?

Do you feel at odds with yourself or the world?
Does your soul need a hug?


How about a SoundHug!


A SoundHug is an intuitive soul chant from the heart, a personal sound mantra which you can use in the moment or as long as you need it to raise your energy.


Learn more about sound healing and get your own SoundHug here...



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Discover Your Voice

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