Would you like to meet your authentic voice?


Or have you already met your authentic voice, but don't really like it?


Perhaps you feel blocked or afraid to use your authentic voice?



In this 5-day workshop you will go on a fascinating and delightful journey that will introduce you to your unique, authentic voice.


We will use breathing, speaking and chanting techniques to free your voice and you will learn how to use these tools on your own as you continue your journey after the workshop. 


If you don't like your voice - I will show you how to love it

If you feel bocked - I will help you dare to open up


This workshop is for you if you want to start with the basics of discovering how to use and feel your voice. No previous knowledge about voice is required, just your desire to open up and find out what your voice may really sound like. Our aim is not to hit the "right"  notes or sounds. Our aim is to connect with your voice, your authenticity and your ability to freely express yourself.


This workshop is NOT for you if you are just curious but are not ready to experiment with your voice or try something new.


This workshop is also not for you if you have already worked with your voice and are ready to try something different. If that is the case, a 1:1 session with me would better help you develop a deeper connection to your voice.


We will meet online and I will create a safe space for the group where you can participate and still show only as much as you like of your voice. 


FreeFoní DISCOVER YOUR VOICE includes:

-5 days of one-hour group coaching per day

-membership in a private Facebook group for Q&As and sharing your experiences 


Price:  €77,-


Would you like to meet your authentic voice?


I hear you


Let's go on this journey together. Enter here:






5-day workshop

Discover Your Voice

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