Would you like to become the master of your authentic voice?



Your voice is the instrument you use to express your innermost self. Yet so many people feel uncomfortable with the sound of their own voice.



Do you avoid uploading your videos because you don't like how you sound?

Have you delayed finishing a podcast because you find your voice boring?

Do you have difficulty trusting your voice when you have to speak in front of your colleagues or family?

Have you already had voice lessons but still feel blocked when you try to express yourself freely?

Have you lost your connection to your voice because society told you that you were too loud or that you should stay quiet?


Would you like to connect to the roots of your voice in a playful and creative way?


Then let's enter the realm of your authentic voice.


Trusting and feeling your voice is of utmost importance and it is my mission to help you (re)connect with your voice so that you can really feel it, free it and gain confidence as you use it.


Everything within us is connected. Working on your voice may actually release blocks that you might not have otherwise connected with your voice.


My 1:1 sessions are customized to meet your individual voice needs - be it in your professional or private life. You will have the opportunity to address specific voice issues and/or deep dive into the root of the problem. 


As I listen to your voice, I will show you what you can do on a technical level to improve your voice according to your needs. We will use energy work to clear away any bocks that show up at a deeper level, so that your authentic expression can flow again.


To experience real results when working with me, you should be openminded, ready to commit to and trust the process, and willing to try the tools I give you.


My three voice packages are designed to meet your specific needs:


FreeFoní ACUTE: 

If you have an urgent voice problem and you would like my input as how to deal with it, this is the choice for you. In one longer session I can show you how to address your current issue and as a result, some smaller issues might also be resolved.


1 session 90 minutes:   €177,-  




If you know you want to work on a voice issue but are not sure where to start; or if you want to take a deeper look at a more complex issue or a mix of different issues, this is the choice for you. During a series of 4 sessions you will see results.


4 sessions each 60 minutes:   €477,- 



FreeFoní DIG DEEP:

If you would like a more thorough, deeper approach which will yield visible results, this is the package for you. 


8 sessions each 60 minutes:   €927,- 



If you have any questions or would like to simply learn more about this process, please feel free to contact me.


I hear you






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