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Hi, my name is Barbara and it is my mission to help especially women feel, trust and connect to their unique, authentic voice so that they become more self-confident and feel freer to express themselves.


As I work with you, I will share the knowledge I have gained and the tools I have discovered since beginning my own journey in 1995.

At FreeFoní Holistic Voice Coaching you and I will work on both a technical and energy level - to both find and unfold the potential of your voice.


It might surprise you to learn that as a child I was really shy and afraid to speak up. As I grew older and followed the twists and turns of my life, I learned to not only listen to my inner voice, but to follow it and express myself authentically.


After finishing school and starting a career in business, I decided to take classical singing lessons - something nobody in our family had ever done before. Inspired by this experience, I quit my "safe" job in a bank to start studying - at first literature and music history and finally classical singing.


But something was missing. There was another voice inside me yearning to come out. I found a release for this after studying rock-pop techniques which allowed me to express myself really loudly and even scream without hurting my voice.


I began teaching singing out of need but soon discovered that it became my passion and was also one of my gifts. My students gave me excellent feedback, but more importantly I could see how their voices developed, their self-confidence grew, and their lives changed for the better.



Life has continued to encourage me to search for answers beyond the things our minds can logically understand. From an earlier age I have somehow sensed that there is a lot more around us than we can see and hear with our "normal" eyes and ears.


Because of my experience and the insights I have gained, I began learning about energy work including the healing energy of the voice. Energy work soon became a tool I could use with my clients.



In 2012 my inner voice brought me to Crete for holidays and soon I realized that this beautiful island is my soul home. In 2017 I took a break, sold the singingschool which I had built and grown and after 12 years of teaching I moved here.


At first, I worked as a tour guide - sharing my love for this beautiful place. But in late 2019, I knew I needed to return to my true calling - guiding people to their authentic voice. Free Foní Holistic Voice Coaching was born.


So here I am, ready to support you and go with you on YOUR personal journey.


I understand the fear of speaking up. And I know how to help you.


I hear you


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...and last but not least some special facts about me:


- As a teenager I took part in shooting competitions (air rifle and small caliber) and was once invited to the German National Championships


- I speak four languages fluently: German, English, French and Greek (and yes, I can also write and read in Greek)


- I can say "thank you" in over 20 languages


- My classical voice is a high koloratura soprano. It was a dream came true for me when I could sing Mozart's Queen of the Night arias.


- I am empathic, i.e. I can feel other person's energy, feelings and emotions, sometimes as intensively as if they were my own


- I moved to Crete with just 5 suitcases, 6 banana boxes and 3 carpets. That was all I brought with me. 


- Being in nature is my 'soulfood'. I cannot live without it.


- I love cats and have four of them at home. 



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